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About ASE Shanghai
ASE Shanghai (ASESH), previously named Global Advanced Packaging Technology Co., LTD (GAPT), is a member of ASE Group.

ASESH provides semiconductor industry with integral ability of IC design, assembly & testing, wafer probing and final test. And, we provide an excellent one stop shop service for both domestic and global customers.

ASESH's main package offerings include BGA, CSP, and QFP featuring traditional wire bonding and advanced fine pitch technology. Our test technology supports all types of testing, and encompasses analog, logic, and mixed signal. In addition, ASESH also provides test development software and services for customers.

Strategically located in Shanghai's Zhangjiang High-Tech park, ASESH benefits our customers by our proximity to key wafer foundries, which enables the company to serve both fabless companies and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs). With technologies to meet applications slated for the expanding consumer, computer, and communications markets, ASESH is one of the leading providers of one-stop solution services in China.

2000.12 Global Advanced Packaging Technology Ltd (GAPT) Registered in Shanghai
2001.12 PBGA Package Mass Production
2002.06 QFP Package Mass Production
2003.01 LFBGA Package Mass Production
2004.11 Strategic Alignment with ASE Group
2006.12 12" Wafer Assembly Masss Production
2007.03 65nm Wafer Assembly Qualification Pass and in Mass Production
2007.11 Integrated with ASE Group and Rename as ASE Assembly & Test (Shanghai) Ltd.
2008.01 SO/PDIP Package Mass Production
2008.03 Certified by Sony Green Partner
2008.07 QFN Package Mass Production
2008.07 SAP go alive
2008.08 12" Wafer Sort Mass Production
2009.03 Cu Wire Production Release
2009.12 New Monthly Revenue Record ($30M+)
2010.03 Winner of Intel Perferred Quality Supplier Award
2010.05 Grand Opening of ASESH_KS

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